We help more new patients find you and book appointments .
With video consultations, you can treat more patients.
100% Automated-Online through MedRealtime!


Dear Doctor,

By eliminating the need for patients to travel to see your medical practice, you can reach out to more new patients over a wider geo-location, expanding your patient base.

The changing face of healthcare across America has meant that the cost of care per case has risen for a lot of individuals and while the ACA may go some way to addressing this, the fact remains that for a lot of people getting access to healthcare is unaffordable.

The use of technology has been shown to reduce the cost base in many different industries and healthcare is no different. Changes in our culture also mean that we are a lot more comfortable communicating via videoconferencing so when these two elements come together, the ability to lower the cost of care per case by using video consultations suddenly becomes very appealing to many patients.

Doctors and medical practices all across America are already starting to see the benefits of offering virtual appointments, so please, join us in delivering a better healthcare system that is accessible to all members of our society.

There’s a busload of patients sitting in my waiting room!

Where’d they come from? MedRealTime! Patients online – using their smartphones, tablets, or computer – will instantly FIND YOU when they do a Google search for what they need.
Our cutting-edge SEO (search engine optimization) methods – which come built-in with your MedRealTime subscription – enable your profile to pop up immediately.

Thus, your marketing is done for you – effortlessly!

MedRealTime is out there working for you, 24 hours a day!
You’ll soon walk into your office and think someone dropped off a busload of new patients, all sitting in your waiting room! Maybe every day!
Your new patients will not only FIND YOU, but BOOK APPOINTMENTS online, instantly – so that you enjoy MORE VOLUME than you’ve probably ever seen!
Plus, they will fill out all their information online. All you have to do is print it out!

This saves staff time, as well as enhances accuracy. No more illegible handwriting from patients!

MedRealTime helps simplify everything for your staff

Our automated technology knows exactly when to send reminders to patients… how to avoid missed or cancelled appointments… and how to keep your front office running so smoothly, it will seem like a finely-tuned exotic sports car.

It makes all your booking as effortless as possible. Sure, there will always be those times when you have to make exceptions for patients, especially emergencies.

Already using a calendar on your phone tablet or in the cloud?

MedRealTime knows how to handle syncing, too.
Thanks to the well-designed software behind MedRealTime, you get the benefit of using today’s best online technology to seamlessly “merge” your office with the digital age and booking platform.
Our app makes it super-easy for patients to schedule medical appointments with doctors of all specialties. Either live with HD realtime video and cristal clear audio, on in-person in for an office visit. In fact, the more ‘niche’ your specialty, the more you’ll benefit from MedRealTime. Patients can browse or search our platform by specialty, geographic area and accepted insurance.

That’s because our SEO capabilities, rich database and geo-location enables patients to find you quickly and directly, without a lot of search time.

Time is Your Enemy, Not Your Friend!

The faster new patients find you, the faster they book an appointment with you!
As you know, when new patients need care, TIME is of the essence!
MedRealTime gets you right in their sights – focusing on your expertise, your education, your practice history and endorsements by patients, etc.
You see, we work for you and the patient – as matchmakers who care.
We want to make sure the right patients get to the right doctors – and avoid all the hassles of other referral services that seem to mismatch more than they match!
MedRealTime overcomes that with our proprietary communication platform, which has several hidden layers of in-depth “filters” – ensuring a good “fit” for you and your new patients.

Plus, we let YOU control your calendar.

Need to be in two places at once?

With MedRealTime, you can! You can schedule your online video-conferencing appointments for ANY time you choose – even when you’re not in your office!

Think about it…

You can work from home one day a week, if you’d like!

When has that ever been possible before? With THE VERY LATEST video-conferencing capabilities built-in to MedRealTime, you can do things that you only used to dream of!
Whenever you’re available, patients will already “know” because MedRealTime tells them. With a simple tap of their screen or the click of a mouse, they instantly book an appointment and everything starts in motion. You get more new patients for less money and time than ever before.
We invite you to give MedRealTime a try today.

Our Risk-Free Offer can’t be beat…

Your first year FREE.

Why? Because, quite frankly, we’re brand-new. And our technology took a lot of time to create and get perfect. It is. We’re fully satisfied with it. So now it’s finally time to release MedRealTime to doctors like you. And, to help you give us a try, we are offering a ONE-YEAR CONTRACT ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Normally, this is a $3,000 value. But if you sign up with us now, this offer will be honored. After that, we might have signed-up all the doctors we need. So please… ACT NOW to get the effortless, high-volume, high-collecting practice you’ve always wanted.